Tagalog Quiz

This is a fun multi-player interactive quiz game that will help you learn Tagalog. Tagalog, as you probably already know, seeing that you've come to this page, is the national language of the Philippines. If you have an asawa or friend that speaks Tagalog, or if you ever travel to the Philippines, it's fun to learn some words, so you can pick out a few things they are talking about!

This quiz is fun, it gives the Tagalog word, then you try to get the English word for it, or visa-versa. You can try Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced level. You can also add your own questions! It's a good idea to add your own questions for words you are trying to learn, that way you can test yourself! (And help us build up our question database, that everyone can benefit from).

When you first run the game, you will be asked for a UserID and Password. DON'T PANIC! This is just your username for playing the Tagalog quiz! If you don't already have a username, just create a new one! If you forget your password, no problem, just make a new userid (but you end up losing your quiz scores on your previous name, sorry, can't help ya there...)

Tagalog Quiz!
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